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You have found a Professional Hair Braider

All hair types can benefit from nurturing your Virgin Roots with a professionally braided style. Different styles work best for different hair textures and Virgin Roots recommends the necessary consultation to ensure the best style is achieved. Care should be taken to protect your natural hair from damage and hair loss. Protecting your natural hair can be achieved by avoiding any type of chemical processing that will alter the natural texture or color of your hair.

Virgin Roots recommends braiders that are capable of braiding or twisting your hair with quality results. The braiders are familiar with practical braiding and twisting applications, sanitation, and scalp care. It is important that you choose a braider that is familiar with these items to protect your natural hair from damage and hair loss.

Natural Hairstyles

Virgin Roots is a mobile braiding service meant to meet your needs. Now serving the Austin and Round Rock, TX areas. Book your appointment today by clicking the contact link above in the menu. This website features photos, instructions, and maintenance tips for popular natural hairstyles such as micro braids, kinky twists, cornrows, two-strand twists, and comb twists.

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